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    The Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) defines the functional interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements from the Cloud.
    CDMIcover.jpgAs part of this interface the client will be able to discover the capabilities of the cloud storage offering and use this interface to manage containers and the data that is placed in them. In addition, metadata can be set on containers and their contained data elements through this interface.

    This interface is also used by administrative and management applications to manage containers, accounts, security access and monitoring/billing information, even for storage that is accessible by other protocols. The capabilities of the underlying storage and data services are exposed so that clients can understand the offering.

    Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI), Version 0.8 is avalable for review and feedback from:


    Please submit feedback and suggested changes to the document via the SNIA feedback portal:


    The specification will be the focus of my tutorial session titled: “Introducing the New Cloud Data Management Interface” at the SDC conference today.

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    Gary Mazzaferro and I have created a whitepaper that discusses the coordination going on between two early cloud standards. OCCiLogo.jpg The first is the Open Cloud Computing Interface, or OCCI for short. OCCI is a standard, RESTful interface to control a cloud computing infrastructure in an interoperable manner. It is being developed by the Open Grid Forum (OGF) and early drafts are available on the OCCI Web site.

    The second standard is called the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI). CDMI in a similar manner allows for the interoperable access to and control of a cloud SNIAandCloud.jpgstorage infrastructure. CDMI is being developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association. CDMI is also RESTful in design and allows for both a data path and a control path to cloud storage. But CDMI can also be used as the control path for cloud computing storage needs if you couple it with a cloud computing standard such as OCCI.

    To learn more about SNIA’s Cloud Data Management
    Interface (CDMI) standard, and how it works with Cloud Computing
    standards such as the OGF Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) please
    download the whitepaper from one of the following locations:

    SNIA Site
    OGF Site


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