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    The DMTF has released a white paper titled: Interoperable Clouds. From the abstract: “This white paper describes a snapshot of the work being done in the DMTF Open Cloud Standards Incubator, including use cases and reference architecture as they relate to the interfaces between a cloud service provider and a cloud service consumer. The goal of the Incubator is to define a set of architectural semantics that unify the interoperable management of enterprise and cloud computing. This paper summarizes the core use cases, reference architecture, and service lifecycle. These building blocks will be used to specify the cloud provider interfaces, data artifacts, and profiles to achieve interoperable management.

    The paper lays out several great models for cloud services, and I encourage everyone to read the whole whitepaper. Here is a picture from chapter 5 on the Cloud Service Reference Architecture:


    The group has all the right players participating, including: AMD, CA, Cisco, Citrix, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Rackspace, RedHat, Savvis, SunGard, Sun Microsystems, and VMware. The white paper is just the first milestone in the group’s work. Chapter 6 lays out the next steps for the group, including future Alliances work.

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    I am giving LISA BOF today at USENIX LISA here in Baltimore on OpenSolaris availability in the Cloud (EC2 instances mostly) as well as an update on the Cloud Storage standards efforts Sun is leading in the SNIA.

    You can download my slides: OpenSolarisCloud.pdf if you like or view them in SlideShare.

    Update: Deirdre video taped the presentation, so even if you were not able to attend you can watch the video:

    Get the Flash Player to see this video.


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