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    Merry Christmas 2009


    Well it’s that time of year again and time for the yearly Christmas blog post. We hope you and your family have been well the past year, surviving H1N1 and the economic downturn of 2009. The picture above is from the annual Maloney family picnic held in May and (almost) every year since at least 1914. Mark and brothers Paul and Joel are in the back, with their wives Misa, Nina and Lisa in front, and with Ellen seated.

    Below is a picture from 1914 of the Maloney clan at that time:


    With help from Mark’s mom, Ellen, we’ve been able to identify most of the Maloneys in this picture. More family picnic pictures and the names of the 1914 Maloneys can be found here.

    HundleySevierMaloney.jpgThe patriarch of the Maloney clan was Mark’s great grandfather Hundley Sevier Maloney. Born in 1850, he fought in the civil war and then came west to Oregon and fathered 14 children. He is buried in a family plot near where the annual picnic is still held.


    Its also been a recent tradition to stop by Mark’s uncle (father’s side) Burt and wife Barb’s house after the picnic.

    This year has been a busy one for us, with Misa taking accounting classes and enrolling in the Buddhist missionary school (Chiryu Gakuin) for Shinnyo-en, and Mark traveling as usual for his job at Sun Microsystems.

    During a trip to Europe in May, Mark was able to visit Berlin for the first time since 1973 (when he visited both East and West Berlin), 20 years after the wall came down.


    Now a historical curiosity, but still a powerful symbol.

    Some new German cities mark was able to visit on his travels include Regensberg


    where there is a Sun engineering team as well as Dresden


    in the former eastern Germany.

    But the most exciting travel that Mark did this year was to China (for the first time). As the VP of Alliances for the DMTF, he lead the organization of and spoke at an annual academic conference (SVM2009)held this year in Wuhan China.


    He also got a chance to visit Beijing and spent a day sightseeing with his friend Winston (also with the DMTF), visiting the Great Wall


    and the Forbidden City. The whole city was preparing for the 60th anniversary of communist China at the time.


    More photos from Mark’s travels can be found here.

    Well that’s pretty much what we have been up to over the last year. Please send us a note with what you have been doing.

    13 December 2009

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    Merry Christmas 2008


    Here we are again with our annual Christmas blog post. The year has been good to us again and we are doing well. Misa has been taking classes to improve her English skills, so we haven’t been traveling together as much as last year. We did get to visit New York together in February to visit the US opening of the traveling exhibit: “The Vision and Art of Shinjo Ito”
    The exhibit featured many statues, photos and calligraphy created by the founder of Shinnyo-en.


    We also visited the Shinjo Ito center that was set up in Manhattan that had more exhibits, including a replica of the workshop where Shinjo Ito did all his creative work


    We also attended the dedication ceremony for the new Shinnyo-en head temple in Redwood City. It is on the site of a former convent for Catholic nuns from the Franciscan order.

    Mark made many trips to San Francisco for work, and on one of these trips Misa came along and we went to a small bookstore to listen to a Jazz band. These guys might be old, but they sure can play!


    We also did some volunteer work for Boulder Parks and Recreation, helping to clean up Scott Carpenter Park and helping to build the Picture Rock Trail in Boulder open space.


    It was lots of hard work, but very rewarding. We still need to take a hike on the trail that we helped to build now that it is open.

    Mark also helped out the successful Obama campaign by registering voters and was rewarded with a ticket to see him accept the Democratic nomination (along with 70 thousand others) at the Invesco field portion of the Democratic National Convention. That had to be the highlight of the summer.


    Mark is still traveling and giving talks as part of his work in the storage industry. If you really want to see him in action, here is one of his talks on video.

    As always we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Sunday, November 30, 2008

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    Merry Christmas 2007

    Merry Christmas again. The picture above (left to right) is Ellen (Mark’s mom), Mark and Misa on our visit last January. The big news this year (if you hadn’t heard) is that Misa and Mark got married. We married ourselves just in time to meet the deadline for filing paperwork to get Misa’s green card (still no sign of that from our government).

    We also visited Mark’s brother Joel and his wife Lisa at their cabin on the lake.


    Misa and Mark have exchanged religions which means that Mark is now also practicing Buddhism and Misa is now practicing Christianity. It has brought us closer together and brought increased meaning to our faith. As a result, we have made a number of trips to Buddhist temples in the US, including San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    It has worked out great for us, using all those airline and hotel points Mark has accumulated from his travels. We even arranged a trip together to Europe on miles and points (with the help of some business for Sun Microsystems).

    The Munich temple of Shinnyo-en (below) was formerly the estate of the founder of the international conglomerate Linde. We attended a ceremony here.


    We began our Europe trip in Toulouse, France at an academic conference that Mark helped to organize in his role as VP of Alliances for the Distributed Management Task Force. Toulouse is a wonderful city with universities and industry such as Airbus. It is filled with history of course and we had more than our fill of local cuisine such as Foie Gras. I really enjoyed the sidewalk cafes and people watching (below).


    This is a cafe we enjoyed on the Place du Capitole.

    From Toulouse we took the French TGV (high speed train) to Paris where we ate dinner with some friends.


    Then we boarded an overnight sleeping car for Munich and arrived the next day. After spending the weekend in Munich, we then proceeded to Frankfurt for my talks and meetings at Storage Networking World Europe.

    Other highlights of the year include Mark organizing the annual SNIA Storage Developer’s Conference. Mark’s talk on Management Frameworks is available (warning: long and technical). Mark also took Misa horseback riding in the Rockies (her first time on a horse).


    Boy were we sore after a two hour trail ride….

    Well that’s about it for our annual personal blog post at the most festive time of the year.

    We hope you had a good year and we wish you a happy and successful 2008.

    — Mark and Misa

    Christmas Letter 2007
    Monday, December 24, 2007

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    Merry Christmas 2006


    Merry Christmas from Snowy Boulder. We got over two feet of snow this week and it will still be mostly around for a white Christmas this year. The above picture is of my backyard from an earlier snowstorm this season, illuminated at night from the street light.

    I started my travels this year with a trip to Stockholm, Sweden. I even had some time to explore the old part of town:


    It was cold and wintry in late March, but I found a great pub and had some of the local fare. Other travels during the year included multiple trips to Boston and the Massachusetts area, New York, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Of note this year, I received my first patent (#7,133,907) five years after filing it.

    I think the highlight again this year, however, was my visit to Japan.  During a trip for meetings in the Shidome area of Tokyo, I found time to visit a beautiful garden (pictures) stuck in the middle of the city and take a day trip with some fellow DMTF Board members to Hakone, where I took this picture of Mt. Fuji (富士山):


    After the Tokyo meetings, I visited Kamakura for a day (pictures). Finally on my last day in Japan, I met someone with whom I had only corresponded previously via email. Her name is Misako (Misa), and we had a great Sushi lunch from the top of a building overlooking the Shiodome district. Here is a picture I took of her at lunch:


    We had a great time and continued our correspondence after I returned home. She visited Colorado over Thanksgiving break and we have been inseparable ever since:

    12Dec06 050.jpg

    So here is wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2007 from Mark and Misa.

    Christmas Letter
    Saturday, December 23, 2006


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