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NBER Working Papers

Paid Institutional Subscriptions

Subscribing to the NBER Working Paper Series provides full-text access for an institution’s students, faculty, and employees. An academic discount is available to colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Pricing and other details are available on the Working Papers Subscription Information page.

Accessing Paid Working Paper Subscriptions through Another Network

Employees, students, and faculty associated with institutional subscribers receive free Working Paper downloads when on their campus network. To gain download access through a different network such as home networks or while travelling, please register and confirm your email address on the Authorize Email page to allow access.

Free Online Access is Provided To:

  • Employees of NBER Corporate Associates

  • Registered journalists
  • Federal, state, and local government employees in the US
  • Residents of nations with a per capita GDP of less than $35,000 on a PPP-adjusted basis in current dollars. Information on this measure of income for most countries is available from the International Monetary Fund.

    The NBER adjusts access, based on users’ IP address, annually to reflect changes in country-level income data. Users who believe that they should be eligible for free access, but do not receive it, should contact  

Complete details may be found on the Free Working Paper Access page.


Free Periodicals

Account log-in or creation is required to subscribe to emailers. 

New This Week

A free, weekly email list of new NBER Working Papers released each Monday. Users may sign-up for a listing of all new Working Papers, or they may request information only for new papers in specific NBER programs or topics.


The Reporter

The Reporter is a quarterly print, online, and email periodical featuring program reports, summaries of affiliates' research, and news about the NBER.


Hard copy subscriptions to The Reporter are available free of charge to the United States and Canada. We are unable to provide hard copies to international recipients. Requests for hard copy subscriptions can be made by email to or by writing to: NBER Subscriptions, 1050 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-5398.

The Digest

The Digest is a monthly print, online, and email periodical featuring non-technical summaries of research on topics of broad public interest.


Print subscriptions are also available to subscribers in the US and Canada; requests can be made to

The Bulletin on Retirement and Disability

The Bulletin on Retirement and Disability is a quarterly online and email periodical summarizing research in the NBER's Retirement and Disability Research Center.


The Bulletin on Health

The Bulletin on Health is produced three times a year in an online and email format, summarizing recent NBER Working Papers pertaining to health topics.


The Bulletin on Entrepreneurship

The Bulletin on Entrepreneurship is produced three times a year in an online and email format, summarizing recent Working Papers and other NBER entrepreneurship research.



Other Notifications

Business Cycle Dating Committee Announcements

Journalists and others wishing to receive immediate email notice of announcements from the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee should subscribe.


List of Affiliates' Work in Journals with Pre-Publication Restriction

An online and email list of papers, produced three times a year, by NBER affiliates that have appeared in medical and other journals that do not allow pre-publication distribution and that consequently have not been circulated in the NBER Working Paper Series.


Fellowship Opportunities

The NBER distributes periodic announcements of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowship opportunities in various fields at the NBER.


Economic Data Releases

The NBER maintains an inventory and archive of various Economic Indicators and Releases. Email notification of all or a personalized subset of new releases is available.