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Program Directors

Mark Aguir Profile

Mark Aguiar is the Walker Professor of Economics and International Finance at Princeton University. His research spans both open- and closed-economy macroeconomics, including sovereign debt, business cycles in emerging markets, capital taxation, growth, and the micro-foundations of consumption and labor supply. He has been an NBER affiliate since 2008.

Linda Tesar

Linda Tesar is a professor of economics at the University of Michigan. Her research examines cross-country business cycle linkages, capital flows to emerging markets, the consequences of exchange rate exposure, and global risk-sharing. She has been an NBER affiliate since 1993.

Featured Program Content

Chinese Firms Access Foreign Capital in International Tax Havens
  • Article
Tax havens are increasingly the avenue for emerging market countries, particularly China, to raise money from foreign investors. Many Chinese companies use...
Working paper figure w30087
  • Article
National governments that finance their activities by issuing debt must find someone to buy it. The interest rate they must pay to borrow depends on the...
The US, Economic News, and the Global Financial Cycle figure
  • Article
While it has been widely documented that financial conditions are correlated across countries, less is known about the origins of this comovement. A...
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